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Welcome to Recon Damage, your reliable partner in reconditioning buildings and installations after fire and water damage. Recon Damage offers comprehensive services in all kinds of damage incidents

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Recon Damage

From the outset the 1980s, we have been actively offering a wide range of services as a family-owned company down to the present day. Recon Damage is not only active in the disaster restoration market, but also offers a wide range of services in the construction sector with renovation, repair and new construction activities. As a recognised specialist, we act for both residential and industrial disasters.


Our interventions include fire damage, water damage, storm damage, asbestos contamination, … ! We provide first emergency assistance. We carry out decontamination assignments. We restore structures to their original state.

We are also a fully-fledged construction company specialising in all facets of (re)construction. All works for both execution and follow-up are carried out 100% in-house. We operate from 4 locations across Belgium in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. As a multidisciplinary company with more than 80 employees and 1500 interventions per year, we are one of the key players on the market.


Recon Damage is part of a larger family group led by the Huys family known as the RECON Group, acommercial collective name of 4 companies operating in 4 different markets since they were founded inthe 1980s.

  • Recon Damage: decontamination and restoration
  • Recon Construction: total contracting
  • ASCOT: project development
  • Cleandienst: cleaning

Recon Group can rightfully claim to be the most complete service provider, with more than 40 years of experience under its belt! With activities in both general total contracting, project development and damage decontamination & restoration and general cleaning, the group provides many services aimed at private individuals, the public authorities and other professionals. We would like to take you through the origins progress of our group, and zoom in on each of the activities individually.

Why choose Recon Damage?

At Recon Damage, we have a large team of experts ready to assist our clients day and night, anywhere in Belgium. Our extensive experience and diverse range of services make us unique from our competitors. By not only cleaning, but also offering complete renovations, we can provide a total solution that saves you time and worries.

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With a team of 87 dedicated employees, we are committed to providing optimal technical cleaning solutions.


We proudly completed more than 1,500 successful projects last year, focusing on precision and quality.


With our expertise, we operate in more than 300 municipalities, providing high-quality technical cleaning services.


With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we provide reliable and expert technical cleaning services to our clients.

Why choose Recon damage


Available and deployable 24/7, Recon Damage has the advantage of being always accessible and able to act at very short notice. Under the guidance of highly qualified project management, Recon can map out the damage accurately and take swift action.

Comprehensive services

Recon Damage is not only active in the disaster restoration market but also boasts a wide range of services in the construction sector with renovation, repair, and new construction activities.

Team of specialists

Recon Damage puts its experience and knowledge at the disposal of any victim (individual or company) of a damage incident. A team of 100% in-house employees will assist you and try to address this drastic event for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Active throughout Belgium

From its headquarters in Drogenbos and operating offices in Adegem, Zutendaal and Villers Le Bouillet, RECON DAMAGE operates throughout Belgium. Our dedicated team stands ready to take action anywhere in the country.

We are at your service in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Are you the victim of a fire, water damage or other incident? Our qualified staff handle every type of claim in Belgium. We provide solutions for individuals, professionals and industry alike. Want to be helped quickly by a team of professionals? Recon works quickly and efficiently with impeccable quality.