Total solution from A to Z

A helping hand to a completely restored home.

Recon Damage employs project managers who, apart from professional technical experience, are also trained in insurance techniques and claims management and are therefore able to think along with you as the injured party and with the insurers. Recon Damage provides the most complete solution in terms of restoration and repair for projects large and small. When your home is damaged, we understand how important it is to act quickly and efficiently.

Our process consists of three crucial steps:

Damage control: We take immediate action to prevent further damage.
Decontamination: We then clean all affected areas thoroughly.
Restoration: Finally, we restore your home to its original or even better state.

Damage limitation

As soon as we arrive on site, we immediately take measures to prevent further damage. One of the first steps is the temporary sealing of roofs, window and door openings to prevent the elements from aggravating the damage. We pump out basements quickly and efficiently to minimise water damage. We also carry out various protection and security tasks to safeguard your property.

Storing your contents safely is also an important step in our process. We provide professional storage solutions to ensure that your belongings remain protected during the recovery process. To address moisture problems, we use advanced drying and ventilation techniques that help restore a healthy indoor environment.

In cases where data carriers have been compromised, we provide data recovery services to salvage crucial information. Furthermore, we carry out extensive measurements and laboratory analyses to get a full picture of the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action.

Consisting of electricians, plumbers and heating technicians, our intervention teams are ready to take immediate action as and where necessary. Their quick and expert response helps bring the situation under control and prevent further damage.

This comprehensive and coordinated approach enables us to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum, so that we can move quickly to the next phase of decontamination and restoration.


After damage control, we at Recon Damage move on to the next crucial phase: decontamination. During this phase, we focus on cleaning and restoring affected areas and materials thoroughly. We first demolish and clear damaged building elements thereby securing a clean and safe work environment so as to continue the decontamination work.

We then clean all affected surfaces to remove any remaining soot and smoke damage. Here, we use specialised techniques and resources to ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned. Our fixation works play an important role in this phase; we stabilise loose particles and prevent harmful substances from spreading further.

To ensure that your premises are habitable and pleasant again, we carry out deodorisation processes that eliminate all unpleasant odours. This is a crucial step in making the living and working environment healthy and comfortable again.

Reconditioning of household electronics is another important part of our decontamination phase. We clean and restore your appliances so that they are safe and functional again. Finally, we offer specialised textile cleaning to clean and restore clothes, curtains, carpets and other textile products thoroughly.

This thorough and systematic approach enables us to ensure that your premises and belongings are fullydecontaminated and reconditioned, ready for the final step in our process: restoration.

Restoration, from A to Z

After decontamination, Recon Damage proceeds to the final and crucial step: restoration. During this phase, we work diligently to restore your property to its original or even better state. We take the turnkey principle to heart and start with structural works, restoring and strengthening the structural integrity of your building.

Our expert teams carry out roof carpentry and roofing work to ensure that your roof is once again fully functional and watertight. Both interior and exterior joinery works are carried out with precision, so that windows, doors and other joinery elements fit and function perfectly.

We then move on to installation techniques, ensuring that all electrical, plumbing and heating systems work safely and efficiently. Plastering is essential to make walls and ceilings smooth and ready for further finishing.

Why choose Recon damage


Available and deployable 24/7, Recon Damage has the advantage of being always accessible and able to act at very short notice. Under the guidance of highly qualified project management, Recon can map out the damage accurately and take swift action.

Comprehensive services

Recon Damage is not only active in the disaster restoration market but also boasts a wide range of services in the construction sector with renovation, repair, and new construction activities.

Team of specialists

Recon Damage puts its experience and knowledge at the disposal of any victim (individual or company) of a damage incident. A team of 100% in-house employees will assist you and try to address this drastic event for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Active throughout Belgium

From its headquarters in Drogenbos and operating offices in Adegem, Zutendaal and Villers Le Bouillet, RECON DAMAGE operates throughout Belgium. Our dedicated team stands ready to take action anywhere in the country.

We are at your service in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Are you the victim of a fire, water damage or other incident? Our qualified staff handle every type of claim in Belgium. We provide solutions for individuals, professionals and industry alike. Want to be helped quickly by a team of professionals? Recon works quickly and efficiently with impeccable quality.