Industrial decontamination

Our experienced team is ready to dismantle and clean your industrial areas and equipment thoroughly and efficiently, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We understand that a clean and well-maintained work environment is crucial for the safety, efficiency and productivity of your business.

Demolition and dismantling works

Our dismantling services are designed to dismantle your industrial facilities carefully and safely. We offer:

  • Complete Dismantling: From heavy machinery to complex production lines, we dismantle everything with precision and care.
  • Selective Dismantling: If necessary, we can dismantle specific parts or sections without disrupting the rest of your facility.
  • Environmentally Friendly Processing: We ensure proper processing and recycling of materials, in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Industrial cleaning works

In addition to dismantling, we offer comprehensive cleaning services to keep your industrial environment clean and operational. Our cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning: thorough cleaning of all surfaces, equipment and infrastructure to remove dirt, grease and other contaminants.
  • Specialist cleaning: use of specialised techniques and resources to remove stubborn dirt and industrial residues.
  • Regular maintenance cleaning: Periodic cleaning services to keep your facility consistently clean and safe.

Building decontamination

Industrial buildings affected by soot and fire damage undergo a thorough cleaning procedure to repair the damage and make the work environment safe. This process includes removing soot and ash from surfaces, cleaning ventilation systems to eliminate smoke odours, and disinfecting all affected areas to remove bacteria and mould. Specialised cleaning agents and equipment are used to ensure thorough cleaning while strictly adhering to safety standards. This helps restore the functionality of the building and create a safe work environment for staff.

Decontamination machinery and electronics

Industrial machinery and electronics affected by soot and fire damage require a careful cleaning procedure to restore their functionality and minimise potential damage. This cleaning includes removing soot and ash from surfaces, cleaning internal components and electronics, and checking for any damage or corrosion. Specialised cleaning agents and methods, such as dry ice blasting or ultrasonic cleaning, are used to remove dirt and soot effectively without causing further damage. After cleaning, the machines and electronics are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that they function safely and correctly before being put back into operation.

Decontamination of HVAC systems

Through our subsidiary Recad Services, ventilation and HVAC systems affected by soot and fire damage are subjected to a thorough cleaning procedure to restore air quality and ensure safety. This process includes cleaning air ducts, fan blades and filters to remove soot, ash and other contaminants that accumulated during the fire. Specialised cleaning equipment, such as brushes and vacuum systems, are used to clean thoroughly without causing further damage to the ventilation equipment. After cleaning, the systems are tested to ensure that they function efficiently and safely before they are put back into operation, ensuring a healthy and clean work environment.

Project approach

We start every project with a thorough analysis of your needs and the situation on the site. We draw up a detailed plan that takes into account all aspects of dismantling and cleaning. We then carry out the work according to this plan, with constant monitoring and quality checks to ensure that the work meets our high standards.

Why choose Recon damage


Available and deployable 24/7, Recon Damage has the advantage of being always accessible and able to act at very short notice. Under the guidance of highly qualified project management, Recon can map out the damage accurately and take swift action.

Comprehensive services

Recon Damage is not only active in the disaster restoration market but also boasts a wide range of services in the construction sector with renovation, repair, and new construction activities.

Team of specialists

Recon Damage puts its experience and knowledge at the disposal of any victim (individual or company) of a damage incident. A team of 100% in-house employees will assist you and try to address this drastic event for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Active throughout Belgium

From its headquarters in Drogenbos and operating offices in Adegem, Zutendaal and Villers Le Bouillet, RECON DAMAGE operates throughout Belgium. Our dedicated team stands ready to take action anywhere in the country.

We are at your service in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Are you the victim of a fire, water damage or other incident? Our qualified staff handle every type of claim in Belgium. We provide solutions for individuals, professionals and industry alike. Want to be helped quickly by a team of professionals? Recon works quickly and efficiently with impeccable quality.