Dry ice blasting

Industrial cleaning by dry ice blasting is the solution for dry cleaning of fans, motors, electrical cabinets, evaporators, chains, printing presses, packaging machines, etc.

What is dry ice blasting

Recon used to clean dirty motors, fans and electrical cabinets in the past. There is no residual waste because no water is used during industrial cleaning.  This clean technique also ensures pristine results. Recon provides effective cleaning of the most diverse production lines.


Dry ice blasting is an advanced cleaning method in which small pellets of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, CO₂) are sprayed at high speed onto the surface to be cleaned. This process combines the cleaning power of high speed with the low temperature of dry ice (-78.5°C) to remove dirt effectively without damaging the surface.

  • Impact: The dry ice pellets are sprayed at high speed onto the contaminated surface, creating a mechanical shock that loosens the dirt.
  • Thermal Shock: The extreme cold of the dry ice causes the dirt, grease or contamination to shrink and become brittle, making it easy to remove.
  • Sublimation: The dry ice immediately sublimates from solid to gaseous on contact with the surface, rapidly increasing its volume and blowing the loosened dirt away from the surface without leaving water or residue.

Advantages of dry ice blasting

  • Non-abrasive and protective: Dry ice blasting is gentle on the surface and causes no wear or damage, making it ideal for delicate equipment and sensitive materials.
  • No residue: As dry ice sublimates, no water or chemical residue remains, resulting in a clean, dry finish.
  • Environmentally friendly: Dry ice is non-toxic and leaves no secondary waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Time-efficient: This technique can often be performed without dismantling equipment, minimising downtime and production interruptions.
  • Widely applicable: From cleaning production lines to removing paint and rust, dry ice blasting is versatile and applicable in various industries.


Dry ice blasting can be used in numerous industrial settings, including:

  • Production and processing plants: For cleaning machines, conveyor belts and tanks.
  • Automotive industry: For removing oil, grease and soot from engine parts and tools.
  • Electronic equipment: safe for cleaning sensitive electronic components without moisture or damage.
  • Paint and coating removal: For effective removal of old paint, coatings and graffiti.

Why choose RECON?

At RECON DAMAGE, we specialise in dry ice blasting and have extensive experience with this technique in various industrial environments. Our team of experts ensures a professional and custom approach for every cleaning need.

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