Fire damage can have a major impact on your property, with not only visible damage, but also soot and smoke soaking deep into rough and textured surfaces.

Thorough cleaning after fire damage with peeling paste

Fire damage can have a major impact on your property, with not only visible damage but also soot and smoke soaking deep into rough and textured surfaces. Traditional cleaning methods can often be ineffective at removing these stubborn residues. At Recon Damage, we offer an innovative solution: the use of cleaning paste, also known as peeling paste, to get these surfaces clean again.

Wat is peeling pasta?

Peeling paste is a special cleaning technique ideal for tackling stubborn dirt on textured surfaces such as brick, natural stone and irregular wood surfaces. This technique works by applying a thick paste to the soiled surface. After the paste dries, it is removed as a flexible film, taking the dirt with it.

How does it work?

  • Applying the paste: Our expert technicians apply the cleaning paste carefully onto the damaged surface, making sure all corners and seams are covered.
  • Drying: The paste is left for some time to cure completely. During the drying process, the paste absorbs dirt and soot residues deeply from the surface structure.
  • Removal: Once dry, the paste is easily peeled off. The paste comes off in one piece and takes the dirt with it, leaving a clean and restored surface.

Benefits of peeling paste

  • Thorough Cleaning: the peeling paste penetrates the smallest pores and structure of the surface, where other methods cannot reach.
  • Protective: This technique is gentle on the material, making it ideal for sensitive or historic surfaces.
  • Residue-free: After removing the paste, no residue remains, resulting in a completely cleaned surface.
  • Fast and Efficient: The paste can be applied quickly and effectively, reducing the time of recovery after fire damage.

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