Analyses and advice

At Recon Damage, we offer comprehensive services for the industrial sector, focusing on detailed analysis and expert advice. Our expertise and advanced technologies enable us to carry out accurate measurements and investigations, which are essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your industrial processes.

Chloride measurements

Chloride ions can cause severe corrosion damage to concrete and metal structures. Our chloride measurements help identify the presence and concentration of chlorides in your materials, so that we can detect potential corrosion problems early and recommend appropriate measures to extend the life of your structures.

Moisture measurements

Moisture can cause significant damage to buildings and equipment. Our accurate moisture measurements help identify moisture problems in various materials and structures. By analysing moisture levels, we can provide targeted solutions to prevent moisture-related problems and ensure the integrity of your industrial environment.

Passivity and Hardness testing

It is crucial to maintain the passivity of metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. Our passivity testing evaluates the protective properties of metals against corrosion. We also conduct hardness tests to assess the durability and wear resistance of materials. These tests  help determine the suitability of materials for specific industrial applications.

Sampling and laboratory analysis

For a detailed evaluation of your industrial materials and environments, we carry out comprehensive sampling and laboratory analyses. Our experts carefully take samples from various materials and environmental conditions, which are then analysed in our laboratory. These analyses provide crucial data for assessing the quality and safety of your industrial processes and structures.

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Why choose Recon damage


Available and deployable 24/7, Recon Damage has the advantage of being always accessible and able to act at very short notice. Under the guidance of highly qualified project management, Recon can map out the damage accurately and take swift action.

Comprehensive services

Recon Damage is not only active in the disaster restoration market but also boasts a wide range of services in the construction sector with renovation, repair, and new construction activities.

Team of specialists

Recon Damage puts its experience and knowledge at the disposal of any victim (individual or company) of a damage incident. A team of 100% in-house employees will assist you and try to address this drastic event for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Active throughout Belgium

From its headquarters in Drogenbos and operating offices in Adegem, Zutendaal and Villers Le Bouillet, RECON DAMAGE operates throughout Belgium. Our dedicated team stands ready to take action anywhere in the country.

We are at your service in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

Are you the victim of a fire, water damage or other incident? Our qualified staff handle every type of claim in Belgium. We provide solutions for individuals, professionals and industry alike. Want to be helped quickly by a team of professionals? Recon works quickly and efficiently with impeccable quality.